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Super hot but flyable every day

June In Sunny Spain....40 degress and cooking, we´ve had to adapt our teaching methods for the month to accommodate the early heat wave, going out early and heading out late but its been well worth it. The guys hooned through their Ep begginners course and the club pilot course was fantastic,

04th July 2009

....following a coulpe of hours top landing at the beach they spent three consecutive days at El Bosque thermalling for an hour at each evening. They acrued over 4 hours flying that week and wondered why they had spent between a year and two years training elswhere! Flyspain continues to offer paragliding tuition and paragliding lessons to budding  student pilots from London and the south east to  Manchester, Scotland and Ireland. Budding pilots form Scotland and Ireland make the obvious decison about the weather but in reality the difficulties of getting in to the diaries of busy Uk paragliding schools in the South east in fickle weather conditions over autumn and spring make oversease training with a BHPA approved school an obvious choice,. For more information on our courses abroad just email via our bookiings page

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