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Spanish Paragliding holidays rock!

Due to a bit of late spring /full moon weather we had been faced with some strong Easterley winds, but faced with a challenge the lads at Flyspain made good the week and got at least four good days in....

30th April 2010

Wednesday and Thursday saw the group head to Cenes de la Vega, home of the 2005 world champoinships and neatly sheilded from the harsh easterly by the Sierra Nevada, We had a group of eight pilots , mostly returning flyers that had learnt or flown with us a before. It was a nice change and a bit of a treat for the guys to try somewhere differnt under the watchful leadership of Rob & Lee. The lads stayed overnight in Granada and following naother days flying there headed home to algo for two great days flying on the sierra de Lijar behind the village....bucket loads of hours were topped up with t least three flights a day or for some who just stayed up the majority of the day...like Paramotor Steve Scruton and Stuart Levens. well done all!

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