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Six pilots qualified in good time during last weeks paragliding Club Pilot lessons

Last week saw six guys join us from all parts of Scotland, Manchester, Bristol and Northhampton for Paragliding lessons training.  We had a great week of westerly winds, giving superb conditions on most days to easily complete all tasks of their Uk Paragliding Club pilot course. They spent at least two days ground handling as well as accumulating over 3 hours of soaring airtime.

Our six day BHPA course is designed to bring a novice Beginner pilot up to speed with joining his fellow pilots back in Blighty or elsewhere in Europe.  Learning to paraglide abroad has its obvious advantages with weather but FlySpain also offer a great teaching environment, our instructors are some of the most professional and patient people you can meet and spend a long day with.

Our equipment from Ozone manuafcturer is the best on offer on the market, the harnesses modern, we are the only British school fitting reserve parachutes to Club pilot students, so you get familair with flying them before leaving with yor own equipment. Heres a quick slice of an evening´s flying at Rond La Vieja with our group midway through their week.

If you´d like to know more or book on one of our popular Cp weeks just check out our calendar page and click the link to book. We will take care of the rest

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