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Recent video from our Guided week in November

One of our Pilots out on holiday with us in November made this great little film of his flying over the course of his week out here with us. As you can see he spent most of his time at cloudbase emulating the local  Griffin Vultures.

Our popular guided weeks run regualry every month, we no split them into Post Cp low airtime weeks and Pilot thermalling gudied weeks for piltos with a little more airtime if you unsure where you fall between this two options just drop us a line. Currency obviously is where it´s at, if you´ve done some themralling before and have been out flying in the last three months then guided weeks are the perfect choice.

If you´ve not seen your glider for over a year then you may want a refresher couple of days making soaring relaxed evening flights and big early morning sledies. Our Cp plus weeks and our guided weeks can be found here and a full list of our paragliding activities throughout the year ahead are available online on our dates and bookings page. Enjoy the film.

Mile High in Andalucia from Chris Williams on Vimeo.

Our week long inclusive flying package holidays include all paragliding accomodation here in Algodonales, plus free airport transfers at set times out of Malaga. We´ve made it as easy and affordable as we can to ensure you have a great holiday with little stress invloved and as much airtime as possible. See you soon!

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