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Part ex your old glider this Spring - Get £1000 back against your old gliderWe´ve got some great new wings in to try and fly, Gin Atlas, Ozone Rush, BuzZ 5, Bruce Goldsmith Adam. Plus we offer fab deals trade in deals on new kit. See our shop for the latest and greatest gliders out this Spring 

Get £1000 back against your old glider as long as its up to 3 years old, if it's older then we'll have to talk further

We give a minimum of 500 euros on all good gliders to part-ex, if it's a model with up to 3 years old and an Ena glider then we offer upto a 1,000 pounds back in part ex. The best bit is if you book a guided holiday with us you can try our demo gliders for free!  The offer is applicable to all gliders we sell from Ozone to Nova, Gin, Skywalk and BGD

Please enquire if your interested

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