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Paramotor training here in February...results say it all

Paramotoring training at FlySpain has proved really popular. We've run back to back course´s this January and February. We've got a great team of enthusiastic paramotor instructors who teach here. We've bought in some new models from Parajet and Miniplane and some new wings from Paramania and Ozone.

Last week saw our group of three get a stack of flying and qualify in good order, two of the three were just converting from paragliding, the other from scratch. Paramotor training offers another string to your bow in aviation opportunities. Your window of flying opportunity is opened with paramotoring, all this light wind mornings and evenings , when it's too late to get to a flying site for what will be a top to bottom you could be crushing your own Xc flight in the 30 k vicinity near your home. 

We run paramotor holidays as well as paramotor training so that you can come back and work on your pilot navigation skills and explore more with a group of pilots and an instructor. See your list of paramotor course on our calendar here. 

We also offer free delivery in UK on equipment combination packages and courses when you book up. So you can train on our equipment, yet returning home to receive yours ready to fly! For more information on any of the above just ask.

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