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Paramotor training course a major success despite some challenging Spring weather

March flying

The end of Feb saw another wicked week of Paramotor tuition, March came with a solid group from Ireland, Wales, and England. A very lovely bunch of lads, all super ken, the new Syllabus, and our unique two-week course gave ample time despite some wet weather to pack in plenty of flying practice. 

Paramotor FlySpain

Ground training

The group began with plenty of kite control, practicing at our private lakeshore training field. Flying we always say is fairly easy but controlling the glider on the ground is like taxiing your aircraft and needs plenty of practice. We also have special ground handling BDG kites for windier days so we never miss an opportunity to train.

Group hug Paramotor course at FlySpain

Next steps

After some ground school work, we insist all pilots can take off and land without the engine, it means less pressure on the students with an engine running. They get the chance to launch with no additional weight or noise, make some simple turns, and perfect landings.

Almost ready

Finally, we move on to engine practice, walking and controlling thrust, getting confident using the machines, we marry up the wing control we have learned with the thrust of the engine into take-off runs. It gets very exciting from then on in.

Kristian from Wales Miniplane FlySpain

Circuits and more

Due to the length of our new paramotor lessons & courses we tend to get more than the ususal five circuits in and crack on with extended pilot tasks like out and retun xc flights, big ears, pitch ocntrol and alternative steering techniques. You use all our own equip,ment, we are suppliers of the best brands Ozone, Gin, BDG, Advance, Scout, Miniplane, FlyProducts, Parajet , AC nitro and PAP products. You will get a chance to learn more about the apropriate equipment before making your first purchases.

Paramotor evening flight


If you are interested in any of our Autumnal or winter paramotor courses then see our calendar for a full list of dates running up to Xmas




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