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May/June Paragliding lessons and courses for beginners have been absolutely fabulous.. Being Europe's largest British paragliding school we can offer you get the best and latest paragliding training, equipment and a top team of instructors on our paragliding courses. Our beginner paragliding lessons have proved incredibly popular with those from all corners of the world. This May alone we taught over 25 pilots to free fly, ten of which went on to do our BHPA Club pilot course which allows you to free fly anywhere in Europe.

Our BHPA club pilot license can only be attained on an official BHPA course, there are no funky conversions to do when you get back home or additional conversion courses. We can also offer you a IPPi card from the Fia if you´d like for a small additional fee when you get your Club pilot license but really there is no need with a BHPA club pilot rating. 

The best thing about taking paragliding lessons in Spain is that you get reliable weather allowing you to progress at a seamless paragliding pace!. There´s no revisionary days and wasted days traveling, our flying courses and therefore your tuition is sensibly progressive building your confidence and skills. The best thing is learning in the company of like minded folk and having a good giggle at the same time. 

If you´d like to know how to get on a paragliding course abroad with us in Spain then just email us with any questions below. Following over ten years of paragliding lessons and courses here in Spain you could not pick a more reliable company to trust your paragliding training or holidays with. We are have an up to date calendar of paragliding courses and holidays until the end of 2013.