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Ozone Rush 4 demos...free holiday with new glider purchase

We've got demos of the Gin Atlas, Carrerra, Ozone Buzz Z4, Rush 4 and Delta 2. Great part ex deals, so why not demo your next wing whilst on holiday, we can have any glider or equipment delivered to your door by the time you get home

01st May 2014

The dream XC wings are here...

Well from ozone and Gin your now spoilt for choice with either the Ozone Delta 2 or the Gin Carrerra there's a wing to rave about. Stunning handling and performance  these gliders are going like hot cakes! You want to be doing fifty thermic flying hours a year and maybe have 120- 150 under your belt. We have demos of all here in Spain.

Great Part Ex deals

Obviously we offer some great deals on part exchanged gliders, plus we list our old school gliders and part ex'd wings on our website as well as ground handling gliders etc.

Free holiday with FlySpain

Our Most Popular deal is a free holiday out here in Spain - Buy any new 1/2 or En A,B or C wing and enjoy a weeks thermalling and Xc with us, if your a rusty or low airtime then join us on a Cp plus refresher week. We'll happily list your old glider on our website for no extra charge.