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New flying venue for us - Brazil


We met a group of 12 pilots in Belo Horizonte, a typical brilliant mix of pilots from all walks of life.

Brazil flyers

Add some great weather & great flying sites


Paraglide Brazil


Mega Flying, lots of Airtime, huge distances achieved

We travelled over two weeks visiting a mix of 3 stunning flying sites, Valadares Baixo & Pancas, all in an air-conditioned coach, all with two guides, a clutch of Flymaster trackers to ensure a quick and safe retrieve.

Brasil flying with Fly Spain If You'd like to join us on Next years Tour in Brazil, Nepal or Colombia then drop us a line directly or check out of Calendar for dates, There's more information on all our paragliding worldwide trips page. Next year we plane two separate trips, we'll use a different airport and a mix of different sites to keep things fresh. We'll leave you a finishing photo from Brazil from Kev the Geezer on take off ...See you in the Skies

Kev in Brazil, coconuts and flying