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Outstanding paragliding tour in Brazil for two weeks over Winter

New flying venue for us - Brazil

We met a group of 12 pilots in Belo Horizonte, a typical brilliant mix of pilots from all walks of life.

Add some great weather & great flying sites

Paraglide BrazilMega Flying, lots of Airtime, huge distances achieved

We travelled over two weeks visiting a mix of 3 stunning flying sites, Valadares, Baixo & Pancas, all in an air-conditioned coach, all with two guides, a clutch of Flymaster trackers to ensure a quick and safe retrieve.

We scooped everyone up from Belo Horizonte Airport and took them by Bus to Valadares for a week. we grabbed a great hotel with a pool for the first week and spent pretty much every day flying over the first week. It proved to be a great first stop to brush off some well-earned winter cobwebs. The launch was big, the house thermally right out in front and plenty of options for landing directly below launch. We generally launched by 11 or 11.30, by 12 the day was cooking and from 1 you could get yourself some nice low saves from the edge of the landing field back to base.

In that first great week many personal paragliding bests were notched for most pilots from longest airtime, highest flights of best distance, every day we made Xc flights of between 20 - 80 k. There was plenty more flying to be had in Valadares but we moved onto to Baixo, a scenic two-hour drive from Valadares to a quieter town that sat conveniently between two outstanding flying sites.

Most days started about the same, leisurely breakfast, load up the vas at 9 am then a drive up to launch, plenty of time to prep and snack before launching, we had Gps trackers and a what's app group for all pilots, so once landed you'd be picked up by the van and generally head home to siesta or grab dinner depending on how long the day was. We ate locally, explored a mix of bars, each night, sampled local food and rum cocktails and made a great holiday of it.

The second week saw some flying around some immense scenery, we flew BAixo for the majority of it and headed out to PAncas for just one exhilarating days flying in some of the most incredible scenery I've witnessed on my travels


Brasil flying with Fly SpainIf you'd like to join us on Next years Tour in Brazil, Nepal or Colombia then drop us a line directly or check out of Calendar for dates. There's more information on all our paragliding worldwide trips page.

Next year we plane two separate trips, we'll use a different airport and a mix of different sites to keep things fresh. We'll leave you a finishing photo from Brazil from Kev the Geezer on take off ...See you in the Skies

Kev in Brazil, coconuts and flying

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