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New Siv courses Later this Spring

Pilotage and Siv courses on the Spainish lakes next May

We've set aside two weeks of courses of Pilotage training near Algo next May, These popular courses let you gain some confidence in the behaviour of your glider and gives you the chance to learn how to get the best from your glider in thermic conditions. Learning to handle your glider in a variety of conditons is very important. Knowing just how much to brake to thermal and dampen pitch and deal with delfations is everything that makes a good xc pilot. 

Freshwater lake - so if you do splash its not bad for your kit.
Boat towed - so quick turnaround
Three and half days of towing plus extra guided flying on the mountain
Full flight debriefs and tailored course to your level

Dates : 14th - 21st & 21st - 28th May Book Here

Even better as the course is only three and a half days so any extra time can be put into some Xc flying on the last couple of days. More info and how to book via our website 

  Learning to paraglide abroad has its obvious advantages with weather but FlySpain also offer a great teaching environment, our instructors are some of the most proffessional and patient people you can meet and spend a long day with. When you learn anything the most important aspect of what you need to achieve your goals is a perfect learning environement.

Our dedicated team of  instructors teach small groups to give you the best chance of achieveing, we teach you on the best equipment availble on the market and obviously we have some of the best weather Europe has to offer.

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