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Paramotoring Tuition and Conversions

Our new paramotoring courses have found their feet this year, Russ and Ric have been out doing a superb job teaching both students and current paraglider pilots  wanting to boost some airtime by  converting to Paramotoring.

The Paramotor Conversion course is mostly ground handling, so you´ll get some one to one with that before strapping a motor unit on, the power side of things is a lot easier than you think and curiously a lot more rewarding than you might believe. The Paramotor course is six days long, group sizes are limited to just four pilots per paramotor class, by the end of the week you´ll be boating around the block under power! Details on our paramotor tuition and  paramotor conversions can be found here.

Paramotor Safari holidays

We´ve been guiding here in Algodonales for Eleven years and now we are adding Paramotoring to what we can offer. So if you´ve already got the gear, just leave your motor at home, bring your wing , helmet and your lucky rabbit and join our crew flying a variety of routes around Andalucia.It will be a great week aimed at pushing your paramotoring skill level and improving your confidence to fly a more planned routes.

Ric Wormersley and Russ will probably be doing most of them but I´m having great fun looking up routes and finding opportunistic coffee stops!

Here´s a video that Russ and Ric put together recently or check out our paramotor holiday page for more information or our Calender dates .