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New for 2013

2012 was FlySpain´s best year to date for both guided paragliding holidays and  paragliding tuition and courses, always keen to offer more variety and more flying we´ve got a great year ahead to look forward to.

New for FlySpain this Spring, were offering even more Guided weeks so you can polish up your skill set for Spring in the Uk. New paramotoring conversion courses, we ran double weeks all through last September, October and November and they were hugely popular as pilots had plenty more flexibility on booking.

New Calendar dates for 2013New Calendar dates

Our calendar has just been updated till next December, those following the epic flying in South Africa this year will be pleased to hear we will be going back next year and I´ll give you dates on Lee´s return in a fortnight. We´ve added a drop down menu option to tidy up the increasingly busy looking calendar.

Paramotor courses

New for 2013 we´ve added paramotoring conversion courses, you´ll see by the calendar that we´ve had plenty of interest. We will be training on both Parajet and Pap units with a combination of Ozone and Gin equipment under the auspices of British team pilot Ric Wormsley. 

If you are interetsed in any of our begginners paragliding courses or want to convert to paramotoring flying then have a look at our flying section for the latest information and calendar dates, any other enquiries or drop us a line.

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