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New BGD dealership added to fleet of great wings companies like ozone , Gin & Advance

New BGD dealership added to fleet of great wings companies like ozone , Gin & AdvanceBruce Goldsmith has had a stunning history of both Hang gliding and paragliding going back many moons, having started his own brand BGD designs, 2016 has been a whopper of a year for his team, with popular gliders like the Adam, the Base and the performance sports glider  the Cure. 

Bruce asked us if we'd try some demo wings and add them to our stable of demo gliders we offer all our clients to fly before they buy. We are one of Ozone's largest Uk dealers in gliders, but we do appreciate that customers like some choice, hence why we offer all pilots the opportunity to fly Gliders like the Gin Sprint, Advances Epsilion 8 and now Bruce Goldsmiths Base and Cure. 

Our FlySpain flight centre has the largest selection of equipment of almost any European school and most certainly a BHPA school. It means we not only offer the best flying environment to learn and progress but we also have all the right equipment to teach on. There is no sharing of equipment, all paragliding gear is checked and tested every six months.

So if your thinking you'd like a new wing this spring then grab the opportunity of combining a paragliding holiday with a demo flight on one of our demo gliders. When you book a holiday with us just ask to try out any piece of paragliding equipment whilst you are here.

Our paragliding holidays and lessons run every month, not only do we give first-hand flying experience every available day but we also offer BHPA paragliding training courses that offer real qualifications at the end so you can free fly back at home.

If you’d like any more information about learning to paraglide or Paramotor just email here or check out our dates and bookings page for more information.




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