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Weather, weather, weather....


Weather, weather and more weather. It’s a constant preoccupation, even when we’ve got time off I have half an eye on what it could be like up a hill. February has been another blinding month, we have deliberately cut back on bookings as we have been expecting a new baby, which arrived although late but at such great speed that I had to catch her myself.

We have run two very successful weeks full of a great mixture of flying. We’ve had pilots a cloudbase for the first time on their second day at 6,000ft, soaring with vultures and flying over 30k but the key thing is that consistently even on the worst looking of days we’ve managed some great flying at a time of year when everywhere else in Europe is either under snow or being beaten down by wind and rain.


13 Hours of paragliding time during the holiday!


A friend of ours with a group of club members from Norway cheerfully informed me before leaving that they had achieved an average of at least thirteen hours of quality flying whilst they were here and its only February!

So what ‘s new, in the school we have some new demo’s from Nivuk and Ozone for the beginner and the intermediate pilot. March can offer some great Xc flying but try and make it out here for the weekend of the 4th – 6th of March as its Carnival in Algodonales which means everyone will be in ridiculous fancy dress and partying until dawn.

While February saw pilots visit us from as far a field as Kuwait, March brings a group of Swedish pilots here for some Spanish sun and thermal flying. I will endeavour to post some relatively restrained Carnival pictures from the previous year.

Safe Flying!

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