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Of the six who had some stunning flying on their Ep week(the Ep was nailed by thursday) the final day we gave them their first taste of soaring on the Friday evening.  

7 Club pilot students were with us for the second week plus a frustrated lad from the uk trying to get his soaring task nailed. Well as almost always we offered some great flying from El Bosques on Day one and two to top landing at Ronda la Vieja to some decent boating around in mild thermic lift on the westerley on Lijar. It being so late in the season they´ve had the hills to themselves. We´ve had a good chilled mix of early flights or theory in the morning the option of the pool or a nap mid afternoon then an evening flight.. 

The fortnight has been great and the guys and girls a great laugh and a lot of fun. It is brialliant to see how how individuals turn up here form all walks of life and have a great time, a great holiday and get a ticket to free fly in a great sport. Congratualtions to Louisa, Josh, Joe, James, Trevor, Tony, Matt & Graham.

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