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Introducing our new Paramotoring Tuition Series

Learn to fly: ParamotoringParamotoring is most certainly increasing in popularity and we are seeing more and more pilots in the skies. Being one of the simplest forms of aviation and with the ease of which it is to learn to fly a paramotor, it is of no surprise that paramotoring is booming. Being able to easily pack the paramotor and wing in the boot of your car and easily get airborne from even a small field is such an attraction. Unfortunately, with the increase in numbers of paramotorists so too has an increase in incidents and accidents. Many of these accidents, if not all of them, are a result of human error and could have been avoided if safe practices were adopted. 


We here at Flyspain want the skies to be safe and the sport of paramotoring to blossom so we have created a video series to help pilots ensure they are as safe as they possibly can be. the video series is design to compliment your training and not replace the training. In addition to many articles dedicated to safe pilot progress such as 'The Best Way to Learn to Paramotor,' or 'How to do I learn to fly Paramotors?'

We would hate to see you miss an episode so we would love you to head over to the Flyspain Youtube Channel and hit that subscribe button. We plan to cover the most important aspects of your paramotoring progress in the safest manner possible. We will cover the basic theories of flight to understand, weather, air law and the practical aspects of takeoffs, aborted takeoffs, landings, touch and go, equipment checks and more. 

Check out our Preflight Checks Video tutorial below:


If you have any questions regarding any of the tuition or courses we offer here at Flyspain, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us via [email protected] or via the chat application via our website. Happy Landings!

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