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How do I learn to fly paramotors?

How do I learn to fly paramotors?

It's a common fallacy that you must learn to fly paragliders first. You need only to complete the first part of a BHPA EP or Elementary paragliding course over four or five days then carry on with a paramotor course.

The first few days of a paragliding course ensures your first taste of flight comes without the stress or additional weight of the engine. On our paramotoring tuition weeks you will practise the launch and landing without worry or complication of having the prop and engine on your back. You learn how to turn your paraglider using weight and brakes and practise useing valuable kite skills with the wing to encourage feeling between you and your paramotor.

As often said the flying is the easy part, it's all about take off and landing. 

Paramotor Kiteing skillsFollowing the paragliding course you can further your paramotor tuition by embarking on the Conversion Cp power course that will allow you to fly with a balanced view of aviation, your responsibilities to yourself and importantly others paramotor pilots. Safe use of the paramotor engine, from warming up methods to a solid knowledge of where and where not to fly your paramotor and your performance limitations.

This paramotor Cp power course takes roughly 4-6 days, the practical side of paramotor lessons in Uk and Europe encourages good launch skills and flying circuits with the engine running. If you've mastered the kite skills during the beginners course you'll no doubt fly through the second paramotor week. If you already have a paragliding licence or experience then you can progress direct to a Cp(club pilot) power conversion course, its the same 4-6 day course that we run normally for beginners pilots

So if you'd like to learn to fly paramotors with no prior experience you need to book a combined paramotor beginners course and a Cp paramotor conversion course.

All our paramotor tuition courses and paramotor holidays include use of our engines, accomodation and airport transfers at our extensive paragliding training centre

 All these courses and other paramotor holidays are on our dates and bookings page and run regularly hand in hand with other paragliding courses we run. More information on our website dates and bookings page or enquiry here

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