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How do I learn to fly paragliders?

How do I Get airborne with a paraglider ?

The first few days of a paragliding course is mostly practical, getting to grips with unfamiliar equipment, safety practices involved in its application and of course launch skills. 

Small steps is favourite. Once your comfortable with running with the glider on the ground you make your first hops low done on a slope or by being towed into the air. Both are good methods. Once you've overcome your first hops, heights are sensibly introduced  until you reach a height that you need to make turns. FlySpain are the only BHPA school working in Europe that can offer both tow and hill options on their own training hill where you can make hill flights up to 200 feet in almost any wind direction. Our team of instructors are all British pilots used to teaching the skills you need to master flying either abroad or back at home in the Uk.

Once you've mastered how to turn your paraglider using weightshift and brakes we move up to making bigger hill flights.

By the end of your paragliding lessons or course, you'll move onto your Cp or Club Pilot hill course, we run these very other week. See how do I learn to soar a paraglider for more information

All these paragliding tuition courses are on our website and run regularly hand in hand with other paragliding courses we run.

As often said the flying is the easy part, it's all about take off and landing. One of the most important skills is called ground handling, FlySpain regularly publish short films and tips and tricks on YouTube to help and improve your launch skills.

Some students find the End of the Ep course a good time to buy kit and go away and practise these skills before embarking on their Club pilot course(Cp). All our instructors can offer advice and show a selection of kit to choose from, plus there  is a Cp course discount when you buy any of kit packages.

Needless to say a large part of the CP course is about reverse and forward launch skills. Paragliding reverse launch skills

So if you'd like to learn to fly paramotors with no prior experience you need to book a combined paramotor beginners course and a Cp parmotor conversion course.

All our paramotor tuition courses and paramotor holidays include use of our engines, accommodation and airport transfers at our extensive paragliding training centre

All these courses and other paramotor holidays are on our dates and bookings page and run regularly hand in hand with other paragliding courses we run. More information on our website dates and bookings page or enquiry here


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