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How do I get into Hike and fly paragliding

Start with your local club sites, tried and tested flying sites with information to help get to launch and fly in the right conditions, try and hook up with other pilots with more experience  and who ideally are into the same thing and who can give you the breadth of their knowledge. Never plan to fly whatever, treat it as an opportunity to go for a walk with the added bonus of a potential flight. 

Cover all eventualities - going it alone! 

If your out on your todd you need to make sure someone knows where, when you've gone and what time you expect to be back and ideally take a phone a personal locater and GPs plus all the other common sense stuff like water, food and provisions for energy so you can make a well rounded decision when you get there which ultimately might be to walk back down again! Most modern phones have apps like whats app or messenger that allow you send your location or report messages. Being on your own up a hill means all the decisions are yours and thier consequences, i.e simple enough accidents, like tripping over on launch can lead to more complicated rescue issues if noone knows where you are. 

What about choosing the right lightweight paragliding equipment

We always suggest not biting off too big a chunk in terms of light options , sometimes too lighter weight harnesses can put a pilot of flying in thermic air but the same harness might suit long top to bottoms of mountains. 

So an easy option is go for a semi lightweight wing and a reversible harness with a lightweight reserve parachute. You will get a lightweight pack of around ten kilos that will be great to fly and will do all things you want for it with free flight in mountains , soaring or thermalling.

Our FlySpain shop has a selction of entry level wings and harness combos that would suit every pilot getting into hike and fly paragliding. You're are more than welcome to email us for advice on any of our paragliding courses or holidays for information about paragliding equipment and training and tuition courses

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