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How do i do a Siv course - easy join us here in Spain

FlySpain have run Siv and Pilotage course for over 8 years here in Spain. why not Turkey you ask....well  a few reasons: we find the weather here is great, flights are cheap to get here and if you finish the course early then there is some great flying to be had  in the local mountains which are far more accessible than the popular Turkish resorts and finally if you do splash into the water its lake water not slaty so it won't ruin your gear.

Plus having a full access to our FlySpain flight centre means we can offer more interesting combinations of courses during your time here. We've great access to the resources of FlySpain, our Pg centre and paramotor centre. Courses are run throughout Spring and Autumn. Niall coaching during our SIV & Pilotage courses

Our Pilotage & Siv courses are geared understandably to the pilots level and desire to be on the course, the courses are often mixed with a selection of pilots with mixed flying abilities, therefore some are working through basic skills training and glider limitation and others are working through more demanding manoeuvres including stall, back fly , SATs and wingovers. Having run these courses for a very long time we understand how to pitch the level to your ability.

They are slotted around some of our guided weeks so you can easily extend your trip into a practical guided flying holiday utilising some of the skills you have learnt whilst during your Siv training. See our video below of what we get up to and check out our calendar of available courses and holidays for 2018


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