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Guided paragliding holidays Rock this September

Algodonales and the high sierras gets more flyable days here than anywhere in in the South of Europe, it´s proximity to the North African plains and winter highs is what so allow s us to get day in day out flying. September this year has offered up some brilliant paragliding weather to allow our guided paraglider pilots some great flying whether it be at El Bosque thermalling or making some memorable Xc flights from Algodonales and the high Sierras of Andalucia.

Paragliding guided weeks in High Sierras With FlySpain

FlySpain have been flying day in day out here in Southern Spain for over ten years. Not only do we run a busy paragliding school teaching beginners paragliding and paramotoring but we also run popular paragliding holidays for all levels of pilots using only qualified and experienced instructors  to lead the groups.

Added to that this season we have introduced Live tracking for our guided paragliding weeks allowing our dedicated team of paragliding instructors and retrieve drivers to follow your paragliding flight both while you are flying and when you have safely landed. The safety aspect is obvious but time spent retrieving  you to optimise your flight time whilst out here is utmost to us!

If your interestsed in any of our FlySpain Paragliding guided weeks or holidays then see our Dates and bookings page for more details or email us here for more information

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