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Great results this year already for qualified paraglider pIlots

Sometimes it's easy to forget how successful we are with our tuition here in Spain, and I know historically it's easy for folk to bend stats any which way you can.

However, there is no getting away from the fact we have qualified over 45 Cp hill pilots this year alone...Huge thanks must be cast towards our great team of paragliding instructors who work long hours to achieve the quantity of flying that is expected for Club pilot paragliding courses.

club pilot Soaring & top landing practical

Our dedicated team of instructors have access to some of the best private and public training sites here in Spain.

Added to the great results above we've taught over 60 Elementary or ab initio pilots Since January unit end of May. Another 40 would be Paramotor pilots!

So If your looking for a great school, well-supplied equipment, top-notch British speaking instructors and a great teaching vibe then you've come to the right place. See you in the air soon. Ground handling for the paramotoring & paragliding students

We run paragliding Courses almost every week for paragliding and paramotoring, we recess for Summer in Early July until September, then right on through to December. full calendar of course dates found here.

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