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Gin Genie Lite 2 Pod harness review

I got it out of it's plastic bag., put the reserve in it's place...simple! Genious construction for the reserve pockets closure. Slick.

I did not have a place to hang test it so I only released the shoulder straps and sat in it on my bed... Perfect. Feels great. On my bed...

Day after I scored! Perfect conditions on my closest coastal soaring site. Off I go with my new harness. The Genie lite2.

At takeoff I adjust the side straps for a little more upright position (I hope?!). I pull my "precious" up in the air and fly off...

Gin Genie Lite 2 Pod harness reviewSearching with my right heel I find my way directly! Super easy to climb in and imediatly I find my place. Some modern pod harness, especially now made with lighterweight materials sometimes prove more of a struggle to get into after takeoff, pilots adding bungee to help pull the pod forward.

Super comfy back rest and shoulder straps offer well spread support to upper back as well. The length of the pod is good enough for my length direct from factory(thanks Gin;)...

I play in the wind for 35 minutes and I feel no pressure points or any fatigue anywhere in my old sore body! The change from my last three harnesses without seatboard to the Genie Lite 2 with seatboard is no problem, even the seatboard is cushy and soft. No question. This harness is something else!!! If your looking for an uncomplicated and well thought out harness that offer s a mix of lightweight options and great feeling and functionality then look no further.

Fred G has been a guide and instructor here at FlySpain for two years, he's been a swedish instructor, and guide, top acro pilot working around Europe and the Himalayas for the last couple of decades. 

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