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Fly Spain team get first aid refresher and Apple crumble

Its' generally down to Instructors to make sure they've got current first aid certificates, however we had a great opportunity to catch upon the latest practises and discuss some potential situations you can have in paragliding. Fly Spain by nature of their experience and size have the opportunity to invest and share in ideas on how to improve and build in the unseen "What if scenarios".

Fly Spain regulary brief and discuss new teaching techniques if they arrive in the teaching and coaching of paragliding as well as the pros and cons of the latets equipment innovations and thier potential impact on those involved in the sport...

Lynda Pudney Associates have been running and offeriing first aid training to many European companies for the last 30 years, we're very lucky to have them based just down the road when they are on holiday.... and of course beacuse we meet them at their off season base we get apple pie at our lunch break... pure ex pat heaven!

It's this enthusiasm for our work here thats brings out the best in the students and pilot who visit us here at our paraglidng school and flight centre in Spain.

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