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Flypain have been awarded rare Advance paraglider dealership

As of Spring this year we are proud to add Advance gliders to our portfolio of stunning paragliders and equipment. Advacne are one of the oldest and most established brands to have seen the sport of paragliding age and develop. Based in Switzerland on ther shores of Thun thye have a full team of devolpemnt pilots and team pilots testing and looking for new developments in paragliding. 

Independant success

Travelling their own route and remaining true to their philosophy and demands. Over the last 27 years many an innovation from ADVANCE has eventually become standard for the whole paragliding scene. These improvements have often been ahead of their time. Sometimes they have been revolutionary. But one thing has always been clear to them: you can only make real progress if you leave the mainstream, and even swim against the current sometimes. They like to face these challengesand take the time to refine their products down to the last detail - before we market them. Precision and Perfection at every stage of the work is thier motto

There is now a mix of Advance gliders from Epsilion 8, Iota's, Sigmas and Alpha 6 wings plus  a great range of harnesses to try here at Our test centre here in Spain.

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