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Fiesta...Fiesta and still more paragliding in Spain

Its Been all parties, or when in Spain, fiestas. We´ve had the infamous 2nd May reinactment, the Algodonales Romeria horse fair, Corpus Christi, its amazing we get anything done under these extreme conditions!

14th June 2010

However, we had two solid weks of flying, we lost maybe one day to flying or fatique!! but many came to visit . A lot of old faces and we flew our socks off. There was a great mix of thermalling and soaring, we flew everywhere from Mataslascanas to Lijar S easterley, the westerley and  El Bosque saw us at cloudbase for over 3 hrs!

Our next courses for learning to thermall are not until September, September offers fab conditions for experienced and the inexperienced Pilots alike. If you don´t believe us see our testimonials section to get some genuine feedback on what we do! see our  full calendar for more info re holidays

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