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December sunshine

Spain, why learn to Paraglide anywhere else


December has been great, the weather kind, it rained heavily only on changeover day! We have had a great mix of students with Dave and son Dan, James, will, Simon, Richard, Steve and Nillay. The majority stayed on to complete their Club pilot and help out one half day with our olive picking. Congratualtions to all pilots who stayed on to complete their Club pilot rating the following week.

We have limited our Club pilot groups to only five pilots so as to give them the best opportunity to get their Bhpa club pilot liscense and to build up Bucket loads of airtime!. A great week was had by all and British pilots returned to uk with nearly two hours flying apiece and a club pilot liscence under their belts.  Flyspain is the only fulltime approved Bhpa school working in Spain and Europe that you can achieve a Bhpa rating in conditions very similiar to the uk. Remember you get the best of everything you need, great weather, an environment similiar to that of the uk, the safety and health service back up of the EU and Bristish schooled instructors with a wealth of experience teaching abroad all year round.

Paragliding school, largest BHPA school in Europe


Congratulations to all and I'm sure we'll see them back thermalling with us on our their new equipment.

If you want any more info on paragliding tuition or lessons, we will also be offering new deals on equipment packages for the new year.

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