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Covid opening for the school this Spring 2021

Visitors from far and wide come to enjoy the weather

We've had some wannabe pilots from Gibraltar, the Algarve, and even Sweden find their way here to take up some paraglider training. January was pretty cold and wet but the rest of Spring has been pretty good, mostly long dry periods of weather. Low cloud bases for the most part, thermalling began early March. We have seen some Xc flying the last three weeks, ideal actually for low airtimers wanting to make their first Xc flights.

Paramotor time

We've has some time to teach a couple of guys how to paramotor at our private site Lake Bornos, light winds and good weather has allowed us to rockstar through the course and get loads of simple circuits to a point that the group was confident enough to make two Xc flights at the end of the week.

Paramotor xc flights

Ground handling

Both the paragliding and paramotoring courses that we have run have benefited from our extensive list of wings to kit and ground handle, we have recently invested in some BDG Seeds, they are a 14 mtr glider that kites brilliantly in both light winds and stronger gales! Ground handling and that feeling for knowing where the glider is essential for any take off, never mind general flying, but that's another lesson just there. Needless to say, the more you do the better you become.

Paramotor courses

We now have stock of 6 Paramotors ranging from hi-spec Parajet Mosters to foldable pap units to lightweight Miniplanes and Air conception units. So much choice. Plus a range of great wings, we teach small groups now obviously more than ever in what many would say is the perfect environment for paramotor tuition.

Paragliding courses

We have been a favourite training site for the U.S. military guys stationed near Cadiz, they've enjoyed our base to stay, our level of expertise, and our flexible dedication to getting them flying over winter lockdown. We have also taught some stranded ex-pats, all in all the house is prepped, the instructors are current and were gearing to greeting our first traveling visitors since November.

Susi 3 soaring at Ronda

If you are interested further in any of our paragliding tuition courses or paramotor training courses then check out our web pages, FAQs or email us directly for more information. Our paragliding Calendar is pretty much up to date until end of June. See you in the air soon



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