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Club pilot paraglider tuition, finally a bit cooler and some great flying

We have limited our Club Pilot groups to only five pilots so as to give them the best opportunity to get their BHPA club pilot liscense and to build up Bucket loads of airtime! We've had two Norwegians whom completed their Elementary Pilot course with us last year. And a mix of home grown EP Pilots and a couple from UK schools desperate to finish off their tasks in Spanish sun. A great week was had by all and British pilots returned to UK with nearly three hours flying apiece and a club pilot liscence under their belts. Flyspain is the only fulltime approved Bhpa school working in Spain and Portugal that you can achieve a Bhpa rating. It´s position in the South West corner of Spain and made it a leader in overseas tuition throughout Europe over winter.
Congratulations to Nick Baker, Justin Simms , Tareld and Erand from Norway and Maureen Kelly from Ireland.

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