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Club pilot complete with over three hours airtime!

Our Special secret


Sometimes, our secret coastal site comes up super trumps, although its the other side of Seville so a 4 hour round trip, if it's working it is paragliding student heaven, easy soaring conditions, big beach landings, ground handling skills on the beach plus valuable top landings.

We visited the soaring site three days on the trot with great effect. The soaring site is perfect for top landings, touch and go's and all of the tasks so important to completing your paragliding tuition. The last day saw the group flying independently for over an hour and a half amid top landings.

Weather is everything

Learn to Paraglide Spain

Southern Spain is such a reliable place to get those valuable tasks done to allow you to free fly.  Our weather from Spetmeber through to May is fairly gurantted to be mild and offer rup light winds. Spain is famous for its Azores weather.

Chose your paragliding school carefully 

We pride ourselves for teaching more UK paragliding students than anyone else, the weather plus a combination of truly great flying sites allows us to do this, so don't be blind sighted when teaching abroad, consecutive days tuition is the way to go.

Our next club pilot course is full but we are now taking places for June and July at the beach near Seville - enquire via our bookings page .

For more information about paragliding lessons and tuition, tandem paragliding click here.... or check out our calander

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