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Broom Broom - we've been to the beach

Our group of Paramotor Cp Plus pilots started with us on Sunday. Using our fleet of paramotor engines, but flying their own gliders we set out with some simple take-off and landing exercises. Following a day flying around our training site at the lake we set out to make a flight exercise for a short cross country route, what they call an out and return flight in Paragliding. Lakeside paramotor training

You can see the views we captured on our 20k jolly to a local Moorish castle near Montellano. The aim of the task was to get familiar with leaving your landing field, spotting potential landing out sites in the what if scenario of having engine failure or running out of fuel. 

Sightseeing the local castles

Simple navigation tasks and cutting that flying umbilical cord from the landing field is where adventurous and interesting paramotoring flying begin. All sorts of simple guestimates must be made, into wind tasks, consideration of conditions and weather prediction, fuel calculation for your flight and what if scenarios about for the journey. Flight planning is key is an easy panic free flying jaunt.

We finished our week with a trip to the beach, an early doors start saw having breakfast near the beach then some prep, a little moment waiting for the onshore to pull on, then a great flight up and down the beach, we knocked up a quick video of our week which might give you some idea of what you can do.

If you'd like to learn to Paramotor and you'd like to get Paramotor training with the Uk largest school, hen you want to check out the link or email us direct, all bookings can be made directly through our calendar page, just pick your course to book and pay a deposit. Our Cp paramotor courses are run every other week and numbers are limited to just five with two instructors.


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