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Blaise competes in the Icarus Trophy in UK


Blaise is no stranger to Miniplane, he has championed Miniplane engines since he was first introduced to them  five years ago, the love affair with this Italian Giant has led him to champion their course in the Uk's most daring adventure. 

Blaise Brogan is Miniplane Uk Sponsored Miniplane pilot, He's been converted to Miniplane for over five years, today he competes in one of the Uk's hardest challenges, The Icarus X trophy. 

The Task

Race 300 K around this circuit 

Map of the courses icarus competitionRace Begins

Race begins at 4 pm today, their first turnpoint is 87 K,  They must land at 8 pm, and can only start again at 5 am tomorrow. This race is all about ready the weather, working the efficiency of your engine and wing to get the best distance in the quickest time. In the race class, there is no ground support so competitors will need to land refuel and take off again to keep ahead of their competitors.


Engine of Choice

Blaise normally flies a Miniplane combo with a Moster plus, for this event he is flying Miniplanes new Aero rigid cage system with a 140 prop and the Worlds most efficient paramotor engine, the Top 80. Compared to the bulky moster it weighs just 18.5 kg, has a thrust of a 130 unit and the drinks just 2 litres per hour compare to 4-6 litres of moster engine.

Choice of two outstanding engines from miniplaneHe'll be flying a new Gin Vantage with an Ozone reserve.

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