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Awesome autumn Paragliding lessons in Spain

Paragliding Lessons Paraglider TrainingNovember Paraglding in the sun

This November we have soldiered on through Covid here at Fly Spain and our Paraglider Training this week has been another fantastic week of classes in the Autumn sun in Southern Spain. We had two students join the BHPA Elementary Pilot Course (EP) who joined Nial for a week of full on classes on our private sites.

Obviously for our two clients its a fantastic bit of luck to have a Fly Spain instructor all to themselves, there are some advantages to Covid! This has meant that after two days of lessons our students had literally flown though their BHPA tasks and started ploughing though their Club Pilot tasks.This is a normal policy for us at Fly Spain but we dont normally finish the Elementary Pilot tasks quite so quickly! 


Autumnal evening soaring

I think the highlight of the week, apart from acheiving their Elementary Pilot licenses has been the stunning sunset soaring flights each evening, the Spanish evenings, far from being dark like the Uk, stay light until 8pm allowing for hours of evening soaring around watching the sun go down before heading for a bar.

Paragliding Lessons Paraglider Training Fly SpainUnlike the Uk we are lucky enough to still have our bars and cafes open (with social distancing and masks obviously) which we are very grateful for. 

Why not join us for some Paraglider Training or some Paramotoring Training with us in Spain, we have courses running every week so we are here whenever you are free. To book simply check out our online Calendar with its uptodate of list of dates and availability. If any have any questions at all simply contact us via our Enquiries link.

And dont forget, we offer £500 off any course when you purchase a NEW glider package from our online shop.


We look forward to seeing you soon.

The Fly Spain team.



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