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By lunch time of the Tuesday we were already making semi high flights with me throwing them off and Jennie catching them at the bottom. We always have alot of fun on the EP's but with James, Alex, Mike and the trio of Steve, Christana, and Q  from London I´ve never laughed so much in my life. I remember having to stop a launch due to the fact that Q and myself couldnt be serious long enough to be able to pull the glider up. 

On Wednesday the rain did come but that gave us a well deserved break from the hill to concentrate on the Elementary theory and exam which they all passed with flying colours, although im sure there was some conferring going on.

For the last 2 days we had some great opportunitys to pratice some reverse launching lessons that set Alex and James up very well as they were staying on for the Club Pilot course.

The culmination of the week came on Friday as we were ready and able to make two 700ft flights out from Teba arriving pretty much the same time as the sun for a beautiful smooth top to bottom in the early morning sunrise.

One of the best things about teaching here is being able to fly with some proper altitude at the end of the week as it really sets up the guys for the paragliding Club Pilot course and gives you a taste of proper flying with time to get the essential practice at turns and approaches that are so important in making a good safe pilot.

That Friday afternoon we had another chance to practice the reverse launch and play with the schools Bob Cat and  ground hog gliders allowing for practice in stronger winds.

I¨m looking forward to next week to watch James and Alex stay on and continue the adventure on the CP course and cant wait to have the Q trio back for some more uncontrolleable laughter.

If you are intertested in any of our beginners paragliding Elementary courses or would like to get your British Bhpa club pilot quaification with us abroad there´s more information on theses pages. While bookings are brisk we still have places available in for June and July see our calendar of dates and availability for more information or check out our testimonials page for some recent feedback