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Algodonales rocks for Autumn's like summer isn't over

The school has been doing great  with 10 Club pilots and 8 Paramotor pilots qualified with us this September alone and we've still a week to go. Autumn and winter months here offer great flying conditions for paraglider pilots looking to learnto fly paragliders and paramotors. It's so good we moved here almost 15 years ago and have never looked back. 

Our team of British Instructors have yet again demonstrated why a calm, fun teaching environment, with the right tools and private flying sites, achieves easily well paced goals for all levels of pilot. We run paragliding courses every week allowing you a chance to get a beginners course or a club pilot course achieved within just two weeks in the largest British paragliding school in Europe.  

There is more about our team of paragliding instructors here and availability of our courses can be found just here as well as on the paraglidng and paramotoring pages. Testimonials can be found here but you'd do well to see what independent pilots say about us on Tripadvisor and facebook. Enquires can be made clicking here

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