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A passion for paragliding...10 years on!

New Tow Training

This year adding to our great combination of Southern Spain Sunshine and top flying sites, we´ve introduced the option of tow training during the early days of our Paraglider Training. It´s demonstrated a more reliable means of getting ab initio Paraglider students airborne quicker without loosing time switching sites when the wind changes and obviously a lot less hills to walk up! 

There will also be huge benefits to those Paramotoring students who want to get their BHPA ticket but want to get into flying and avoid the hill walking side of Paraglider Training. The feeling of beeing towed is very similar and familiar to that of the thrust of paramotoring.

FlySpain now offer Elementary Pilot paragliding tuition  and paragliding training via a mix of winch and hill tuition and Club Pilot paragliding hill training and completion using the combination of our great flying sites. Our dedicated team of BHPA instructors are all conversant in all disciplines of Paragliding hill tuition and Paragliding towing so your in the best hands possible.

Our Paragliding lessons and Paramotoring training have a great reputation across the UK and Europe, if your interested in finding out more about our paramotoring courses or our paragliding tuition courses and holidays then follow this link.

If you already know what you´d like to do, booking your perfect paragliding holiday is easy by just picking your desired date from our dates and bookings page. 


Why not join us for some Paraglider Training or some Paramotoring Training with us in Spain, we have courses running every week so we are here whenever you are free. To book simply check out our online Calendar with its uptodate of list of dates and availability. If any have any questions at all simply contact us via our Enquiries link.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

The Fly Spain team.

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