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2008 was a record year for Flyspain.... Make your 2009 holiday count

Flyspain has seen over 300 visiting pilots last year alone. All learning to thermal, improving their personal knowledge of flying, climbing out with the local Griffin vultures and making regular Xc flights from Algo to Ronda and beyond....

05th January 2009

 As ever the tuition has been brilliant here, we have qualified over fifty to sixty pilots since September of either Ep or Club pilot status and around 160 over last year, congratulations to all and safe flying over winter. How did the year finish? Two weeks of great thermic flying and a 30 K Xc flight to Ronda on Xmas Day….can’t be bad. Anyway we hope you enjoy the newsletter, just remember Southern Spain is the first place to warm up and the last to cool down! Happy New Year
For this Year – Make 2009 holidays count!
Remember credit crisis or not, if you are going to reward yourself to a flying holiday for 2009 then your best chance of flyable weather is always going to be down south. Southern Spanish Skies and reliable regular flying in good company in a beautiful location are what holidays are made of. John Sylvester talked recently in an interview in XC Magazine about feeding your inner rat of adventure…Following a dreadful summer and autumn’s flying in the Uk, big adventures in the Himalayas might not be on everyone horizons but big altitude gains, the pleasure of coring cracking good thermals to base in the company of friends or Griffin Vultures and making those first precious first Xc’s of the season are worth a mint and what separates a holiday of old with a flying holiday

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