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Stolen Moments 2 a selection of more than 200 images captured by Jérome Maupoint.

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Paragliding book great present
Paragliding book great present
Paragliding book great present

This collection of paragliding photographs shows us a large aspect of free flying seen by Jérôme's eyes after 15 years of passionate commitment to the sport of paragliding abroad. Stolen Moments 2 is the fruit of long travels, meetings and contemplations, intense and rare moments.

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"Stolen Moments 2 is my second paragliding photo book. Flying photography really drives my life, which is a never-ending search as every day, in every place, the light, atmosphere and elements are different.

This book is not about paragliders, their performance or technology; it's clearly about evocations and emotions. To me, the most important aspects of my life of flying adventures are the places and their perspectives, the situations and their contrasts, and the special people I shared special moments with."

In Jérome's opinion, photography is very like flying, in that it's impossible to know exactly what's is going to happen in the next minute; it's all about instinct and about the Now. There is no recipe for a good photo. A special moment is here and will not happen again. It's a matter of seconds and most of the time it's even faster.

"The game is all about being ready, and to push your chances towards a good result. It's more a question of attitude than technical ability."

The sky, the light, and the wind are never the photographer's best friend, but best enemies that sometimes let him enter the game. 

Each photo in this book was captured in 1/500 of a second or so, but it took years to capture the right moments for them all.

The book itself is a limited square format edition, 25cm by 25cm, with 144 pages. Precise captions for each image are written in French and English. Stolen Moment #2 is a self-edition. This freedom allowed for a polished work, printed on high quality paper.


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