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 The Skytraxx 5

The Skytraxx 5 is a compact all-in-one device specially designed for demanding flight adventures. It combines all the necessary functions in a handy design for all kinds of flight enthusiasts.

Skytraxx 5 has a robust glass surface ensures a clear and scratch-resistant display. This top display is perfectly readable even in direct sunlight and offers an intuitive user interface that allows you to capture your flight data at a glance.

The price includes FANET+ i.e. both FANET and FLARM Beacon, already activated. The price also includes four months of improved premium connectivity, giving a strong connection to flight data so you can use the Skytraxx 5 to its full potential.

"Pure variety: Skytraxx 5. For all kinds of flight enthusiasts!"


  • Skytraxx 5
  • Storage box
  • USB-C cable
  • Hook-and-loop sticky-back strip (see Mounting options)
  • Quick start guide*
  • Includes 4 months of free premium connectivity**
  • Includes FANET+ i.e. FANET plus FLARM Beacon**

* Download the latest manual in English and other languages from the Manual section of the Skytraxx website.

** The price includes four months of improved premium connectivity. GSM SIM card is already installed and the cost of this is covered for the first 4 months. Premium connectivity can be bought for 39 € per year every additional year directly from the Skytraxx wbesite. Premium connectivity includes the cost of the SIM card and all data connections. Automatic updates of the airspaces and the obstacle database, software updates over-the-air are included in the service. Over time, your Skytraxx 5 will get even better with wireless software updates. Live tracking and the upload of flights to the XC server is very easy without external devices. More services will be added over time. More info below and in the user manual.

*** The price includes FANET+ i.e. both FANET and FLARM Beacon, already activated. More info below and in the user manual.

Mounting options

The rear of the Skytraxx 5 is a clear, flat space, ready to attach the included hook-and-loop sticky-back strip to. This means you can then attach the unit to any suitable mount or surface with loop-fastener on top. For example, for paragliding, you could use a suitable paraglider leg or harness instrument mount or a flight deck (cockpit), as long as they have a suitable surface with loop-fastener on top.

Recommended mounting options

Our recommended mounting options for the Skytraxx 5, which will hold the device securely, and in a good position for viewing and operation 

  • Leg mount: Skytraxx Comfort Leg Holder 
  • Harness mount: High Adventure Izipizi Harness Holder
  • Flight deck mount: included hook-and-loop sticky-back strip

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