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Advance Theta ULS
Advance Theta ULS
Advance Theta ULS
Advance Theta ULS
Advance Theta ULS
Advance Theta ULS
Advance Theta ULS
Advance Theta ULS
Advance Theta ULS
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The THETA ULS takes you out into undisturbed nature, far away from crowded launch sites. With minimal weight, maximum feel-good factor and tangible performance, you will be inspired to set out on new adventures, and be motivated to expand your skills. The new performance intermediate is based on the ultra-light construction of the OMEGA ULS. We expect the first deliveries end of April.


ULS technology with a winner’s DNA

The new ultra-lightweight construction developed for the OMEGA ULS is now available to a larger group of pilots for the first time. The combination of the lightest materials and an extremely weight-optimised internal structure means that the THETA ULS is available from 3.1 kg.


Safe flying feeling with performance

The THETA ULS combines two worlds by bringing together the performance of the IOTA DLS with the feel-good factor of the EPSILON DLS. As an ultra-light mid-B wing, it is an all-rounder for a wide range of pilots.


Inspiration for new adventures

The right wing for pilots with many interests who like to explore new areas. The THETA ULS encourages your spirit of discovery and promises you freedom and independence on your flying adventures: whether for vol-biv, hike-to-fly tours or when travelling.


The new-generation profile has an optimised pressure distribution across the wing chord, for balanced pitch behaviour. This delivers high performance with reduced canopy tensioning, resulting in pleasant feedback by optimally absorbing turbulence. In addition, lift distribution, wingtip to wingtip, is more centred, with less lift at the wing tips and less tendency for the pilot to get pushed off course. This results in smoother, more comfortable flight behaviour.


Active flying using the C line level allows you to exploit the full performance potential of the THETA ULS. Modern pitch control by C-handles helps you do this. Control inputs are transmitted directly from C- to B-level so that the profile does not deform. This allows you to best adjust your angle of attack without sacrificing performance.

Sizing & Specifications

Advance Theta ULS Specifications


If you have several years of flying experience, fly regularly (40 flying hours or more per year) and already have thermal flying experience, the mid-B THETA ULS is perfect for you. If you have also acquired an active flying style, can recognise possible canopy deformations at their outset and know how to react appropriately, you can fully exploit the high performance potential of the THETA ULS. Naturally you should be familiar with the usual fast descent techniques for an EN B glider.

Advance Theta ULS Colours

The Seamless Weight Ranges of the THETA ULS make a clear transition from one wing size to the next, so that any pilot suits only one ideal take-off weight range. In this way, the THETA ULS guarantees the optimum balance of useful airspeed and climb performance in all flying conditions.

Advance Theta ULS Sizing chart

Advance gliders sold at flyspain

Custom Colours are also availble - ask for qoute and mored details



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