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Little Cloud Gyps

Ref. #395

The original idea was to combine all the LittleCloud knowledge and its philosophy into developing a high performance wing. 

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The Gyps is dedicated to experienced pilots looking to fly far and long with a real fun handling. Even though she’s pretty accessible, we’ve aimed it toward pilots who are able to deal with a 7 aspect ratio glider. The Glider is a pure 3 liner with only 61 cells in order to control the final weight. Thanks to the advanced shaping, we were able to reduce span parasitic movement to a very small amount. The Gyps is stiff enough to not deform, but the low amount of sail tension also prevents collapses from spreading along the span. The Gyps is not very dynamic when recovering from collapses. She’s featuring a very bitey but pitch stable profile, just like on the Goose.

The thermal sniffing mode is on it as well: the Gyps has a tendency to get sucked into upward moving air masses. Combine that with the very high pitch stability, and she’s offering a very high comfort feeling. Due to the 7 point aspect ratio, we have been spending a big amount of work to create an arch that mixes handling, stability and performance. Its vault looks singular, very round in the center and straightening along the tips: we maintain a really high projected aspect ratio, which gives an impressive feeling of the air mass and keeps a very stable center, even at high speed. The Gyps is very playful on the roll, but also stable on bar. The brake pressure is moderate to low, with a pretty long brake travel before stall. This makes it easier at low flying speed. Its inflation and rise is very easy and reliable, anytime!

The difference between the 2 versions is in the top surface cloth choice: The regular is completely 35gr material and the light uses a mix of 35 and 25gr to save 200gr of weight overall, as well as some packing volume. The lines are 100% dyneema unsheathed (like on the Goose) with a low line consumption, 245m for the 24.5, which helps to reduce drag.


Top: 35g DOKDO 20D + (Light)25g DOKDO 10D
Bottom: 25g DOKDO 10D
Ribs: 40g DOKDO 30D + 25g DOKDO 10D

Lower: LYROS DC 200-DC120
Mids: LYROS DC120
Upper: LYROS DC 120-DC60


FLAT AREA22.524.522.524.5
PROJ AREA1920.51920.5
SPAN (meters)12.51312.513
ASPECT RATIO6.956.956.956.95
CELL COUNT61616161
AUW (kg)70/9085/10570/9085/105

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