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Last year we taught over 200 pilots to fly. Over half off them joined us for the full two weeks the remainder split their time over the year. As the largest UK school working in Europe full-time we've acquired over the last 10 years a breadth of experience running popular paragliding courses and paragliding holidays.

Our paragliding lessons are some of the most highly regarded in the Uk. We have paragliding lessons to visitors from London and the south East. Not without coincidence our tuition weeks are the most popular paragliding courses in the uk. Weather and a great team effort ensures pilots make the most of outstanding weather conditions and quickly get into the spirit of flying asap.
Read our paragliding news and testimonials from past students to get a feel for what we offer.

We average over 25 days per month of fly able weather, that means you waste no journey time on your paragliding holiday.

We now offer paragliding tuition  and courses every month throughout the year and run paragliding coaching holidays from our popular base in Andalucia. Having a paragliding base centred in the south west Spain means we are not just in a well placed spot for the weather but ideal for cheap flights.

Malaga and Seville are right on our doorstep for paragliding tuition, Malaga serves all of the Uk and Europe for flights. So now it's easy and quicker  to get to Malaga to fly paragliders than it is to travel through traffic to Sussex and Devon. Come fly with us, we offer inclusive paragliding holidays and tuition all year round all you need to do is bring your toothbrush.