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This April has proved to be a fabulous month for qualifying Club pilot courses, over two courses we have seen two refresher pilots back in the fold and another ten new pilots complete their tasks in good time.

Although taunted by a strong levante for a couple of days our 6 day BHPA Club pilot  course has seen an average of ac ouple of hours airtime per pilot. 

Airtime is really where its at and Spain allows us to have pilots soaring for hours before heading back to the Uk or Europe. 

We´ve been running British Club Pilot tuition, CP holidays and courses run in Southern Spain in near perfect weather all year long by professional English Instructors for over ten years here in Spain. Our reputation for thorough and proffessional training, all done in good humour has made our courses super popular. We run courses twice a month almost every month bar August and give out  only British BHPA ratings and qualifications. 

If you´d be interested in paragliding lessons or any of paragliding tuition style holidays, check out our dates and bookings page and drop us a line. Information on all our courses are listed under the flying section. Our testimonials page is packed with a slice of reviews and feedback we get pretty regualarly