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Summer Holidays & Italian Guided week

Full groups and 5-star successes at FlySpain 

Since Mid March we have been flat out teaching in the school, both beginners and Club Pilot courses, which has meant a new batch of students qualified, with our usual mark of high airtime and good ground school work. If not flying we are ground handling

Plenty of canopy work and plenty of soaring

All our Cp groups go away with time in the saddle, the photo shows some of the boys soaring at El Bosque, each flight between a half-hour and 1.30 hr of independent airtime, not tandem flights but doing it on their own.

While the guys are here they get to try harnesses and discuss appropriate entry-level equipment that suits both budget and requirement. Our flight center and breadth of knowledge found with our seasoned team of instructors is fantastic for turning newbies into soaring pilots.

Our next paragliding courses are due to start again in September check out the calendar

Fresh thermal fields of Italy

We finished off our guided week's end of June so as to avoid the hottest weather and as a new departure for 2022 we took a group to Italy, Bassano de Grappa for a week of flying. 

It was a fab week, we flew six out of six days, a lot of personal bests and some great Xc flying had by some. There's already talk of next year so keep an eye out for the calendar for Italian dates, Italy works well for us as June in Southern Spain, is just a tad too strong for a lot of pilots but Italy is just mellowing out a little. More about Italy here.

Joe who helped guide  with us  in Bassano, knocked up a quick video of the week have a look

We will be back in Spain for paragliding Guiding from early/mid-September, Calendar dates are here

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