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Spring flying and more pilotage courses for 2013

Siv & Pilotage weeks

Pilotage practise is every budding cross country pilots stable fodder, being up to speed with your glider beahviour is essential is you want to fly in a mixture of flying environments.

Getting to grips with your glider and disspelling the fear of deflations and learning some solid descent techniques is crucial to getting the best out of your wing and you on a given good flying day. 

All the courses are run in Spain so the costs are cheap, and the weather is always on your side plus we limit the numbers to just 8 pilots per course.

We´ve got more weeks planned for this year, check out the new calendar for dates in June and September

New stock

Ozone for 2013 brings fresh life into what were already great gliders, the new Ozone Delta 2(En C) and the low end B the Buzz Z4. Colour choices are availble for limited sizes are but make an early decisioon if you fancy an upgrade as the Vietmese tet holidays in Feb plus new competition wings will undoubtably slow delivery times on the full range of popular gliders. We do have some stock of medium Rush 3´s, Z4´s and Mojo´s and some Gin gliders plus the new GIn Atlas...

Remember  - FlySpain give fantastic deals on part exing all sorts of gliders - Just ask

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