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SIV and Pilotage courses to improve your skills

Learn with the best...

LEARN how to control your wing on our Pilotage SIV courses with BHPA British school instructors in perfect weather conditions, make sure your training with professionals.

Following last years success we´ve added more courses to our calendar in June and September. I cannot stress enough how useful I´ve found Pilotage courses as its a real opportunity to learn about your behaviour of your glider and learn how to chuck it around in anger.

Knowing where the spin point is, how much bake you can use to tightly 360 your glider, the myth behind deflations and generally proving how well behaved your glider can be in more  challenging air. Pilotage or Siv is a skills lesson not a once in a life tick box, we aim to improve your confidence not rattle it so stalls aren't a mandatary requirement but teaching you a couple of useful descent techniques is.  To book a Siv week email us at [email protected]

Our usual guided weeks are available all through March, April and May and into early June. If your feeling either rusty then our instructors are there give point you in the right direction and get the best out of you and the day.
Getting the best from your day and your flying is as important to you as it is to you, our selection of great flying sites and great weather means we can offer great Xc holidays in a brilliant environment

Check out the Calender

Our calendar is up to date with courses for the year ahead, if you have any questions or looking for some kit advice then do drop us a line at [email protected]. For more information on our courses check out Paraglider Training and Paramotoring Training for all the information to help book.  Dont hesitate to contact us with any Enquiries you have, we are here to help!

Dont forget we offer £500 off any Paragliding or Paramotor Tuition course when you purchase any new Paraglider Kit package or Paramotor Kit Package, check out our SHOP for more information. You wont get a better deal anywhere else and if you do let us know and we will match it.

All the best for Spring

Nic , Rob , Lee and the team at FlySpain

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