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September guided paragliding holiday and trips in Andalucia

Sizzling September

Day one kicked off with an outstanding flying day at Mataslascanas midway between Seville and Portugal. It's a great costal site offering upto 20 k worth of great costal soaring. An ideal way to sweep away the cobwebs if your feeling rusty and top fun if you've endured an English summer of damp weather.

Learn to Paraglide Paramotor with us Fly SpainWith two hours plus under the belt, we spent the rest of the week flying every day from El Bosque on two afternoons, Teba and both the west and Nw side of Lijar. Stuart from Gloucester faired the best out the group for last minute cross country flights, managing Mojitos from Al Lago in Zahara having started form el Bosque  and Montecorto on two occasions.


Congratulations to both girls this week , both had fairly recently qualified with us earlier in the year on our Beginners paragliding tuition weeks . There first trip abroad had them learning to thermal and out climb the lads from day two. Everyone showed great ground handling skills and good social skills as with the heat and a some northerly winds we had a couple of days of para waiting. A great week and a great season ahead for us. We are fully booked for paragliding holidays for  most of September and October but if you check our dates and bookings page you'll find out the latest availability for our paragliding guided holidays.

Winter paragliding is what we offer best, from September to late May in southern Spain offers great and consistent weather patterns that allow us to fly almost every day. If you need to top up your hours and your tan or just need to see some more sunshine and get some easy flying in then have a look at our guided holiday pages or our paragliding testimonials to why flyers love it here and keep coming back.

We provide everything you need , great accommodation, transport,airport retrieves and coaching from current paragliding instructors. You just need  bring your glider.To book or enquire email us at [email protected]

If you would like to book your Parglider Training or Paramotoring Training simply go to our online Calender where you will find a full list of dates, availability and to book. Any quetions at all dont hesitate to contact us via our Enquiries link or Whatsapp us via the website for an instant reply.

Dont forget, we also offer £500 of ANY course when you purchase a new glider package, check out our online shop for more details.

Learn to Paraglide Paramotor with Fly Spain

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