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Many have said, how patient I am as an instructor, a deep breath, experience etc all play a part. However, ask me to wait around waiting for Spanish bureaucracy to give us a thumbs up on our town building project has been painful. Had I not also lived in Spain now for 18 years  I might have lost the plot with our builders...

Anyhows this Autumn, you'll see the continuing saga of pool building and terrace landscaping next door! you will, however, see a new improved Nest that the result of NIc's magic renovation. more space and light, plus new stairs down to the basement plus a limitless supply of free internet are making the house quite the envy of the local youth! 

Unlike other local operators, FlySpain own and run its own accommodation so that you get almost a home from home feel when your not out flying. 

So prior to every September school term, we are in the midst of a big clean up and more upgrades to our client accommodation, hopefully, you'll like it and enjoy more entertaining daft tales of best flights and near run-in with landing out in bull fields!

Our holidays kick off from September 2nd, we work flat out all Autumn until a seasonal well-earned break mid-December and start again Mid January during Europes endless Winter. Full list of our both out paragliding tuition courses, paramotor holidays and tuition as well as a raft of guided paragliding tours both here paragliding in Spain and elsewhere are available on our calendar. All courses, both developmental and otherwise are BHPA supported by a top team of instructors