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Parajet have shot to popularity internationally on the back of some top Championship results wth their new Zenith frame as well as some interesting development work with their Parajet SkyCar. One of their Team Pilots(Ric Womersley) is a full time Paramotor instructor here with us in Spain 

A professional brand that offers great back up service for Parts, some unique frame designs and you can choose any engine to go into it. This Spring we are offering a Student Paramotor package of Parajets Volution/zenith frame with a choice of either a Top 80, Thor 130 or Moster or Minari engine.

Combine that with Ozone´s most popular Buzz Z4 power glider and you have a combination of kit that both easily allows you to cut your teeth in powered flight as well as go free flying ona great glider. 

Needles to say your Paramotor tuition and training with us here at FlySpain will be on our equipment but you can pick our minds during the course, demo the kit and save yourself 500 pounds when you buy during the course.

If you need any further information do drop us a line or check out our availabllity on our calender for the next few months